Article 29 WP: Statement on the data protection reform

Statement of the Working Party on current discussions regarding the data protection reform package:

Since the adoption of the data protection reform package on 25 January 2012, the Working Party has issued two opinions providing input into the legislative process (WP191 and WP199). Having regard to the current discussions and the stage of the legislative procedures both in the European Parliament and in the Council, the Working Party would like to again express its views on 6 identified areas of concern that are in need further attention, these are flexibility public sector, personal data and pseudonymisation, consent, governance, international transfers and risk-based approach.  In addition to these areas of concerns, the issues of lead DPA and competence and of the exemption for household and personal activities have been more thoroughly discussed, the outcomes of which are attached to this statement [...]
Annex 1: Proposals for Amendments regarding Competence & Lead Authority
Annex 2: Proposals for Amendments regarding exemption for personal or household activities

This is imho a must read, as the WP reiterates its position on such widely-discussed topics as Personal data and pseudonymisation, Consent, Governance, International data transfers and Risk-based approach.