Article 29 Working Party issues opinion on apps on smart devices (and data protection issues)

Opinion 02/2013 on apps on smart devices (WP 202), adopted on 27 February 2013:
In this opinion the Working Party clarifies the legal framework applicable to the processing of personal data in the development, distribution and usage of apps on smart devices, with a focus on the consent requirement, the principles of purpose limitation and data minimisation, the need to take adequate security measures, the obligation to correctly inform end users, their rights, reasonable retention periods and specifically, fair processing of data collected from and about children. [...]

Press release: "European data protection authorities publish their joint opinion on mobile apps":
[...] Privacy risks mobile apps
Smart phones and tablets contain large quantities of intimate personal data from and about their users, such as contact details, locational information, banking details, photos and videos. In addition, these devices can record, or capture in real-time, a range of data types from a multitude of sensors including microphones, compasses or other devices used to track a user’s movement. [...] 
Obligations and recommendations
There are many parties involved in the development and distribution of apps and each party has a set of important responsibilities to create a safe, secure and data protection compliant app environment. It is important that all those in the app ecosystem understand their own responsibilities, but to achieve the highest standards of privacy and data protection they must also collaborate with other parties in the app ecosystem.