Q&A on EU data protection reform (including a provisional timetable)

The EP Press Service is/was holding a seminar for journalists on 14-15.05.2013 on the data protection reform of the EU, aiming to provide an overview of the ongoing legislative process following the Commission's proposals to update existing legislation.
One of the documents provided is entitled "Q&A on EU data protection reform"  (see also this document for more) which provides a short summary of the proposal and the current process, including a timetable (excerpts):

The Civil Liberties Committee will vote on Parliament's negotiating mandate as soon as possible. The negotiating team will then be ready to kick off the talks with the member states.
The Irish Presidency wants to have a negotiating mandate in the Council ready by June.
Once the Civil Liberties Committee has its mandate ready and member states have agreed on a common text, the discussions will start. The aim is to reach an agreement by the end of the year, so that the Civil Liberties Committee first and later the full House can endorse it before the next European Elections in 2014.

Once adopted, member states would have 2 years to adapt their national legislation to the new laws (both the regulation and the directive).

First half of 2013: Civil Liberties Committee vote on the negotiating mandate
Second half of 2013: Parliament-Council negotiations
Beginning of 2014: Civil Liberties Committee vote on text agreed text with Council, then plenary vote (Parliament as a whole)