Art. 29 WP: Health data in apps and devices (mHealth)

Letter dated 5.2.2015 from the Article 29 Working Party to the European Commission, DG CONNECT on mHealth:
The European Commission has requested the Article 29 Working Party to clarify the scope of the
definition of data concerning health in relation to lifestyle and wellbeing apps. In the Annex to this
letter, the Working Party provides criteria to determine when data processed by such apps and devices are health data.
In light of the discussions about the draft Data Protection Regulation, the Working Party additionally
addresses the current rules and the proposed exception for further processing of health data for
historical, statistical or scientific research purposes, and calls on the European Commission to ensure
that in the future General Data Protection Regulation, the further processing of health data should only be permitted after having obtained the explicit consent of the data subjects, or if the narrow exceptions defined by the European Parliament apply.