Art. 29 WP: Renewal of the TFTP Agreement between EU and US

Letter from the Art. 29 WP to the Latvian Presidency on the renewal of the TFTP Agreement between EU and US (pdf):
[...] The agreement between the European Union and the United States of America regarding thetransfer of financial messaging data for the purpose of Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (“TFTP”) entered into force on 1 August 2010. The agreement has an initial duration of five years, but shall be renewed automatically for one year at a time as long as the contracting partners do not indicate they wish to terminate the agreement at least six months in advance. The Working Party is not aware such notification has been issued.
[...] The Working Party specifically refers to the public reports of 14 March 2012 indicating that, given the nature of the TFTP, it might not be possible to fulfil all intended safeguards of Article 4. It also refers to its assessment of 18 March 2013, specifically to the issues deserving further consideration referred to in the final part of the report. The reports are available on the JSB website (http://europoljsb.consilium.europa.eu/about.aspx). [...]