GDPR: EU Council - Partial general approach on one-stop-shop & principles of data protection

The Council of the European Union - Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) has agreed on compromise texts regarding a one-stop-shop (OSS; Chapters VI and VII) mechanism as well as Chapter II (Principles relating to personal data processing).
However, one has to mention the "escape clause" contained in the texts which reads as follows:
"The Council is therefore invited to agree on a partial general approach on Chapters VI and VII [as well as Chapter II] at its meeting on 13 March 2015 on the following understanding:
i. such partial general approach is to be reached on the understanding that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and does not exclude future changes to be made to the text of the provisionally agreed Articles to ensure the overall coherence of the Regulation;
ii. such partial general approach is without prejudice to any horizontal question;
and iii. such partial general approach does not mandate the Presidency to engage in informal trilogues with the European Parliament on the text."