GDPR: Presidency' s note to DAPIX regarding edited Chapters III and VIII

Note from the Presidency to DAPIX containing a revised text of Chapter III and
VIII covering R"ights of the Data Subject" as well as  "Remedies, Liability and Sanctions":
Following the discussions at the DAPIX meetings of 9-11, 24, 29-30 April and 13 -14 May 2013
relating to Chapter III and of 23-24 September and 28-29 October 2013 relating to Chapter VIII and
in light of the partial general approach on Chapter II, VI and VII reached at the JHA Council
meeting on 13 March 2015, the Presidency has made some changes to the text of Chapter III and
VIII, which are highlighted in the Annex in bold underlined.
Chapter III in its entirety was last discussed under the Irish Presidency and Chapter VIII in its
entirety under the Lithuanian Presidency. Article 17 on the right to be forgotten in light of the
Google case was discussed under the Italian Presidency (11289/1/14 REV 1), Article 20 on profiling
(10617/14) and Article 18 on data portability (10614/14) were discussed under the Hellenic
Presidency. Article 21 as well as the corresponding recital 59 were part of the partial general
approach on the flexibility of the public sector that was reached in December 2014. Recitals 111-113 were part of the partial general approach on the One-Stop Shop.[...]
Source: Statewatch; also very informative Statewatch Analysis: Second version: The Proposed Data Protection Regulation: What has the Council agreed so far? (pdf) by Steve Peers, Professor of Law, University of Essex