Art. 29 WP: Comments in response to W3C's public consultation on "Tracking Compliance and Scope"

Article 29 Data Protection Working Party comments in response to W3C's public consultation on the W3C Last Call Working Draft, 14 July 2015, Tracking Compliance and Scope, 1 October 2015 (pdf):

[...] In conclusion, we feel that whilst an individual data controller could demonstrate compliance with the EU legal framework through a bespoke interpretation of a DNT signal, the aforementioned gaps between the DNT compliance level and what is required by the EU legal framework undermine the usefulness of the standard in a broad European context. The Draft DNT Compliance Specification would fall short of the expectations of EU regulators, data controllers, and users for a granular solution for expressing valid consent through browser settings that would be compliant with the EU legal framework. [...]