Papers on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) and Data Protection Impact Assessments

  • ENISA, Report entitled "Readiness Analysis for the Adoption and Evolution of Privacy Enhancing Technologies" (pdf): This report aims at developing a methodology that allows to compare different Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) with regard to their maturity, i.e., their technology readiness and their quality concerning the provided privacy notion. The report firstly sketches a methodology for gathering expert opinions and measurable indicators as evidence for a two dimensional rating scale. Secondly, this report reviews two pilots to test the proposed scales and methodology. The results of these pilots are presented in this study. Finally, a list of necessary steps towards a PET maturity repository is made available.
  • Forum Privatheit und selbstbestimmtes Leben in der Digitalen Welt: Michael Friedewald, Hannah Obersteller, Maxi Nebel, Felix Bieker, Martin Rost, White Paper Datenschutz-Folgenabschätzung - Ein Werkzeug für einen besseren Datenschutz (pdf)