Data protection regulations and international data flows: Implications for trade and development

In a new report, Data Protection Regulations and International Data Flows: Implications for Trade and Development [pdf], UNCTAD says that coherent and compatible data protection regimes will be ever-more important in the face of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. More dialogue between all stakeholders is needed to achieve adequate protection, the report urges. [...]
The report found that differing notions of privacy and a variety of different stakeholder interests creates tensions: individuals are concerned about their right to privacy and being able to safely and confidently use online services; governments are concerned about national security and safety; and businesses are concerned with compliance burdens and regulations that may hamper innovation and trade.
The report tracks the evolution of data protection, outlines and summarizes the current landscape of global, regional and national data protection regimes, identifies common challenges in the development and implementation of regimes, and presents policy options. It draws on contributions from 18 governments, regional and international organizations as well as representatives of the private sector and civil society to offer a single source of information for consultation by policymakers. [...]
Source: UNCTAD