UK: The Anonymisation Decision-making Framework (book)

The Anonymisation Decision-making Framework (pdf)
[...] This book has been developed to address a need for a practical guide to anonymisation that gives more operational advice than the ICO’s Anonymisation Code of Practice, whilst being less technical and forbidding than the statistics and computer science literature. The book may be of interest to an anonymisation specialist who would appreciate a fresh, integrated perspective on the topic. However, it is primarily intended for those who have data that they need to anonymise with confidence, usually in order to share it. Our aim is that you should finish the book with a practical understanding of anonymisation and an idea about how to utilise it to advance your business or organisational goals. To make this tractable we have focused on personal data and specifically on information presented in the form of a file or database of individual level records. [...]
Source: UK Anonymisation Network (UKAN)