Art. 29 WP: Results of the workshop "GDPR/from concepts to operational toolbox/DIY"

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Fablab “GDPR/from concepts to operational toolbox, DIY”- Results of the discussion (pdf):

In order to prepare for the timely and proper implementation of the GDPR, the Article 29 Working Party organized a Fablab workshop with the title “GDPR/from concepts to operational toolbox, DIY”, which took place on July 26, 2016 in Brussels and enabled participants to discuss with European representatives of the industry, the civil society, academics and relevant associations, certain operational and practical issues. [...]
The Fablab’s objective was to “feed” the Article 29 Working Party in order to develop, at the end of the year, best practices and guidelines with regards to:
(A) the delivery of guidelines on the Data Protection Officer ;
(B) the development of guidelines on the format, scope and modalities of Data Portability ;
(C) the production of a methodology and templates for Data Protection Impact Assessment, including the definition of guidance related to risk assessment in the GDPR, and finally ;
(D) the definition of criteria and mechanisms relating to certification and certification bodies.
The Article 29 Working Party should organize another Fablab workshop in 2017 for the discussion of other important operational and practical issues relating to the GDPR. [...]