Berlin Group: Arbeitspapier zu Biometrie in der Online-Authentifizierung

Working Paper on Biometrics in Online Authentication (Berlin 22./23. November 2016), deutsch
[...] 7. The use of biometrics in online authentication offers one possibility to address some of the shortcomings of current password-based authentication. However, as this Working Paper shall demonstrate, careful consideration must be given to the data protection and privacy risks that result from their use.
8. The purpose of this Working Paper is not to specify when biometrics could be used as a factor in online authentication. This is a decision which should be documented in a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) carried out during the design phase of a project and updated throughout the lifetime of the IT system. This Working Paper will highlight the privacy risks when biometrics are introduced and used in authentication and how these risks can be managed in an appropriate manner. [...]